Stop GMOs, save the climate and the tuna!

November 2008
Write to EU Ministers We have three weeks to stop the spread of GMOs
Mice fed on genetically-engineered maize produce fewer offspring than those fed on natural foods, according to a study published by the Austrian government this week. The greater scandal is that the mice were eating Monsanto GMOs considered “safe” by government agencies around the world! Clearly they’re not safe, and the way GMOs are checked doesn’t work. EU Environment Ministers meet on December 4 about GMOs and food in Europe — this is our opportunity.

* Call on EU politicians to radically reform the European Food Safety Authority
Greenpeace cars action Help the EU get CO2 emissions standards for cars
Almost 30,000 people have already written to Angela Merkel about her U-turn on cars CO2 standards. It’s important to keep up the pressure and spread the word. Please invite a few friends to join the campaign too, in English, German or French. Greenpeace actions, like this huge billboard one in Germany, continue.

* Write to Angela Merkel
Pirates of the Med Time and Tuna are Running Out
Arrrrrrr, matey. Pirates still plunder the Mediterranean, but these days the treasure isn’t gold — it’s the increasingly rare and expensive bluefin tuna.
Unless serious steps are taken now we will witness the collapse of one of the most important and profitable fisheries of our time, along with the disintegration of a way of life for the fishermen of the region.

With the help of donors in our Spanish, French, and Italian offices we’re running an ad in The Economist this week which names and shames the ministers who are supposed to protect this treasure. Tell them you want to see them close the fishery… or walk the plank.

* Write to the Fisheries Ministers
Climate rescue station, Poland Building up for Poznan
This year, the United Nations Climate Change Conference is taking place in Poznan, Poland from 1 to 12 December. Poznan can’t be “just another meeting”. It’s time for our governments to get serious about saving the climate.

We’re already turning the heat up in Poland with the launch of our spectacular Climate Rescue Station, sat next to a vast coalmine.

* More next week about Poznan
Arrest Us: We Oppose Whaling
In a world turned upside down, when you denounce a crime, you are arrested. That’s what happened to our two activists, Junichi and Toru, in Japan when they exposed the scandal and corruption in the whaling industry.

But the whalers are now in disarray. We’ve deflagged their resupply vessel, the scandal has meant that for the first time they will sail without an all-Japanese crew, they’re closing their most iconic whale meat store, and Asahi Shimbun reports that they’re reducing the number of whales they will kill this year by 20 percent.

When your opponent takes a step back, it’s time to push harder. Now we need to put whaling on trial.  Tell the Japanese government that if they’re going to start rounding up opponents of whaling, they’re going to have to arrest a whole heap of us.
* Tell Japan: If defending whales is a crime, arrest me
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* CLIMATE: Write to Angela Merkel about cars

* GE: Tell the EU we want food safety

* OCEANS: Stop the Pirates of the Mediterranean

* WHALES: Stand in solidarity with Junichi and Toru

  * Watch a video on the splendour of Norway’s cold-water reefs

* Watch our new climate video on our YouTube channel.

* Month in pictures slideshow of Greenpeace actions and campaigns

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