Energy [R]evolution plan

Dear friends,

Please watch this historic video. The world could eliminate fossil fuel use by 2090 — That’s what Reuters and NewScientist wrote today about our new Energy [R]evolution plan.

We can beat climate change. And with aggressive investment in renewable power generation and energy efficiency, we can create a 360 billion dollars-a-year industry.

Do you know anybody who works in the energy sector? A power company or something related? We’d like you to forward this email to them. Watch the video, and share this email so they get it too. There’s a 200-page expert report on our website too (we couldn’t fit the whole thing in a video clip for YouTube!) — That’s what we really want them to see:

The Energy [R]evolution


Jess, Alex, Martin, Juliette, Lisa and all the climate team


P.S. If you have a friend who knows someone closely who works in the energy sector – send this email to your friend.

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