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Spread climate awareness on YouTube

Did you know that Saturday is the Global Day of Action for climate? If you’re not going out to a demonstration in your area, you could maybe join us online instead.

We want YouTube’s important “most commented videos” page to be all about climate change on Saturday. This can’t be bought. But it can be won! Here’s how: If thousands of people comment on a handful of climate videos in the next few hours, we can break onto that page, where many more people will see them, and the climate message will spread from there. It all starts with you. Are you ready?

Watch these videos, leave a comment under each one, and keep clicking to watch related videos until you’ve seen them all (there are 12 so far – from different groups campaigning on climate change).  Video from Friends of the Earth UK (watch it, leave a comment)

 Video from the Woodland Trust (watch it, leave a comment)

 Video from Compassion in World Farming (watch it, leave a comment)

Update from the UN climate summit

Jess Miller, Greenpeace web editor and activist, just sent us this:

We are half way through the UN Meeting on climate change in Poznan, Poland and leaders are still stalling on the action plan they’ve promised for climate change.

Last week, we told you about our plan to let the delegates know that the world is watching by projecting your images in Poznan. Almost 13,000 people have already responded, and we’ll be projecting your photos during the Global Day of Action tomorrow.

If you haven’t uploaded your photo yet, go ahead and make sure the delegates know it is time for them to GET SERIOUS — the world is watching!

Upload your photo

 Visit our climate summit blog

EU GMO campaign success!
Thanks to your amazing support, we managed to prevent pro-GMO countries from wrecking yesterday’s important EU environment ministers’ meeting on Genetically Modified Organisms and food safety. Over 70,000 messages were sent to EU politicians, including over 3,000 sent directly in the last 48 hours to the UK and German ministers!

Yesterday, EU member states sent a clear signal to the European Commission that we need to improve the way risks from GM crops are assessed — risks to the environment, to our health and to the lives of millions of farmers.

In a nutshell, EU environment ministers have agreed:


  • The long-term effects of GMOs on the environment, living organisms and health need to be assessed.
  • There should be independent scientific research on GMOs, and access to information that is currently kept secret by agro-biotech companies.
  • The European Food Safety Authority should consider the environmental impact of herbicides spread over GM crops. They also said that pesticide-producing GM crops should be treated in the same way as chemical pesticides.
  • Regions and local communities have a right to establish GM-free zones.

Unfortunately though, we didn’t get everything we wanted from this meeting. The text is generally good, but we need to continue campaigning for it to be implemented and the wrong bits made right.
For now, please show some solidarity for the campaign in Australia to introduce labelling and testing laws there for GM food.

Thank you for your support! Eat well this holiday season, and stay tuned for more GE campaign opportunities in 2009.

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