October 2008
Write to Angela Merkel Stop Germany doing a U-turn on cars standards
If you’ve been following the cars campaign, you’ll know already that the German car industry is lobbying against strict CO2 emissions standards. Now it looks like they’ve got to Angela Merkel. She’s threatening to abandon Germany’s official position for a 2012 cap on greenhouse gas emissions from cars.

* Write to Angela Merkel
See the slideshow Scraplife: E-waste in Pakistan
In June 2008 Greenpeace tracked a shipment of e-waste from Europe to Pakistan. This stunning photo story by Robert Knoth reveals what happens to that e-waste and the people who try to scrape a living from it.

* See the slideshow and take action
Write to Philips Tell Philips to clean up their act
Philips is the biggest obstacle in the electronics industry to tackling the growing problem of e-waste. Unlike many of its competitors it does not provide any voluntary take-back and promotes an approach that means the public will pay more or distorted costs for recycling old products.

* Write to the CEO of Philips
Definitely not satisfied Proposed EU timber law doesn’t cut it
The European Commission has finally come out with a proposal for illegal logging legislation and recommendations to tackle deforestation. Does it do enough to really help stop illegal logging? Not nearly. Still, there’s hope that ministers will show the forests some love when they debate the legislative proposal in December.

* Read about the EU timber legislation
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Around 100,000 people have joined our page on Facebook. That makes us the second biggest nonprofit on Facebook! (Well, not counting “Sleeping” and “Rain”, which are more popular… though they’re not really nonprofit organizations.)

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