400 detenidos en Nepal por protestar contra la represión en Tibet

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24 March 2008
Nepal: Clampdown on Tibet demonstrators must stop immediately and
protesters released

Amnesty International called on the Nepalese authorities to immediately

and unconditionally release all those arrested in connection with
demonstrations on Tibet.

It is estimated that more than 400 people have been arrested today in
connection with a number of protests on Tibet around Nepal.

“Nepal is sending a message of no-tolerance of dissent by arresting
peaceful demonstrators,” said Amnesty International, cautioning that
latest wave of repression extends beyond Tibet-related protests. “This
is the latest in a series of clampdowns on peaceful demonstration as
elections approach.”

In one incident, activists were detained ahead of an Amnesty
International Nepal vigil on the human rights situation in Tibet. At
13:55 hrs local time, 17 activists were detained in Maitiyala Mandala,
Kathmandu and taken to Singha Durbar Police Station. No reason has been

given for their arrest.

Detainees included: Rameshwar Npal, Director of Amnesty International
Nepal; Sushil Pyakurel, former Commissioner of the National Human
Commission; Govinda Bandi, lawyer and member of the International
Commission of Jurists; and a other activists, including four from the
Tibetan community and a number of Amnesty International members.

“The authorities’ interference in peaceful protest by Tibetans and
human rights activists is unconstitutional,” said Amnesty

“The move by the District Administration to prevent a peaceful
demonstration from taking place is against Article 12 of the
Constitution of Nepal. There are also no legal grounds to pre-ban

Amnesty International reiterated its call for the Chinese government to

allow an independent UN investigation into the events in Tibet which
prompted demonstrations in Nepal. It also called on the Chinese
government to address the underlying grievances of the Tibetan people
and long-term policies that have generated such resentment.

According to official figures, over 14,000 exiled Tibetans reside in
Nepal (the figure is estimated to be closer to 20,000). Many have
restricted rights.

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