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Women call for action in response to the spread of HIV/AIDS

Women are at particular risk from the virus. Many lack access to information on the virus, how to prevent it, and to vital healthcare and medication
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Women leading the fight against HIV/AIDS
The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) hosted a meeting from 4-7 July which united women in a call to action against the spread of HIV/AIDS.
Read more about the conference and read the web diary of AI staff at the conference

Listen to Dr Kanyoro, General Secretary of the YWCA spoke to AI about violence against women and HIV/AIDS.

Hungary: Justice denied to victims of rape in the home
The government in Hungary is failing to protect women from rape and sexual violence in the home. Widespread prejudice, government inactivity and deficiencies in the criminal justice system mean that many women are denied justice

USA: sexual violence against Indigenous women
AI recently launched a report revealing that USA authorities are failing to protect Indigenous women from sexual violence. One in three Native American or Alaska Native women will be raped at some point in their lives. Within days of the launch of the report, which received great media coverage, AI was contacted by the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. AI and staff on this Committee met to discuss how existing legislation may be amended to address some of the concerns of the report and expressed an interest in holding hearings on this report.

Cote D’Ivoire: Voices of women and girls, the forgotten victims of conflict
As part of AI’s campaign for comprehensive medical care, justice, and social and economic support for rape survivors in Côte d’Ivoire, AI spoke to survivors of rape and sexual violence.
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Iraq: “honour killings” must stop
17 year old Du’a Aswad was stoned to death in front of a crowd of 200. Many people filmed the event on the phone cameras, but no one intervened to stop the violence. Act now to stop “honour killings”.


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Greece: uphold the rights of trafficked women!
Trafficked women and girls in Greece face danger, even when in the custody of the authorities. Instead of receiving protection they are often charged with other offences, such as illegal prostitution.

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ISSUES: Sexual and reproductive rights

Amnesty International supports women in claiming their rights. The lived experience of girls and women including of those with whom we work directly, shows how central are sexual and reproductive rights to their freedoms including their right to be free from gender-based violence and as a remedy where they have been subjected to such violence.
Read more about how women claiming their sexual and reproductive rights contributes to stopping violence against women:

In a bid to tackle domestic violence, we asked you to send emails of support to shelters and sign up to show your support for domestic violence survivors. You made a difference: see the updates on the shelter stories.
In Ireland the Health Service Executive and local authorities have given verbal support for the funding of the shelter, in the USA, the Pretty Bird Woman House on Standing Rock Reservation has raised almost $12,000, in Belgium, the Minister of Social Affairs wrote to AI only two days after the action was launched, and offered an exceptional help of 10,000 Euros to the shelter.
Despite all this good news, more needs to be done. Visit AI’s act now page to read updates and see what else you can do

Sierra Leone: New gender laws mean greater rights women!  Amnesty International members worldwide sent text messages to the Executive and the Parliament to ask for new laws to ensure greater rights for women. Read more

Watch out for some changes to the Stop Violence Against Women web pages. Over the coming months the web pages will be updated, improved and looking even better!
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